Learn from the best: Join us for an exclusive 3 days residential training with one of the Europe's highest ranked exponents of Iaido...Peter West, Nanadan, Kyoshi.

This 3 Day Seminar intensive training is suitable for both complete beginners and advanced students of Iaido, featuring the highest level of detailed training and practical application from one of the UK's highest ranked instructor.

Over the three days of training nearly the complete Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū (無双直伝英信流)  curriculum will be covered, including the Beginners, Middle and Advanced solo kata practice, and even the rarely seen paired forms of Iaido (drawing and cutting), Kenjutsu (both swords are already drawn) and Jujutsu (grappling) of the school.

In addition, there will be stretching programs led by Elena West Sensei,  and a full raft of relaxation facilities in the renowned spa.

Train hard, level up your skills and relax and unwind in the beautiful scenery of Devon,  22nd November to 24th November 2019. Meals, accommodation, full spa facilities, at one of the best training events of the year.

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Iaido is the art of Japanese Swordsmanship, specialising in drawing and cutting in one movement. Iaido loosely translates as being in harmony with one’s surroundings, always being prepared for any eventuality. It is a unique and special martial art stretching back over 450 years in an unbroken line to today.

Comprised of physical techniques including drawing, cutting, cleaning and sheathing the samurai sword, it is equally embedded with deep philosophical and tactical knowledge. A complete martial arts offering a workout for both body and mind, Iaido represents the pinnacle of the Japanese Martial Arts...

At this unique one of a kind seminar you will train in the same physical techniques of the samurai swordsmanship used by the samurai themselves. Develop the timing, coordination and strength of feudal japanese warriors, and immerse yourself in the tactics, strategy, wisdom and philosophy of the highest level of martial arts masters.

During this Seminar You Will Learn...

Secure Your Place For Only £200

Training will take place from 22nd-24th November 2019.

Please select one of the following options (after payment has been made you will directed to fill out our online registration form to complete your booking):

Full Seminar, Shared Room Accommodation & Meals (£200) (Sun. lunch not included)
Full Seminar, Single Room Accommodation & Meals (£228) (Sun. lunch not included) (Limited availability)
Training only (accommodation elsewhere) (£80)
Accommodation only (£125)
Deposit £60

The Full Seminar (and Deposit) packages include accommodation, food and training.  With full access to the gym, swimming pool, Sauna, and other leisure facilities at no extra cost.

All residents will share twin or double rooms as appropriate. (There are a very limited number of single rooms as noted above).

Training Timetable

  • Training will be 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm Friday
  • 9.30 am to 12.30 pm/2.00 pm - 5.30 pm Saturday (The dojo will be available from 6.30 am for free practice)
  • 9.30 am to 12 noon/1.30 pm - 4.00 pm Sunday (The dojo will be available from 6.30 am for free practice)

The seminar will begin informally Friday afternoon (22nd November). You can check in after 3.00 pm and come to the dojo where you can meet the sensei and have an informal practice.

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Secure Your Place For Only £200

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